Hair coloring and highlights are popular techniques used to change or enhance the appearance of one’s hair. Here’s some information about both:

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring involves changing the natural color of your hair using hair dye or hair color products. It can be done to cover gray hair, create a completely new color, or enhance your current shade. Hair coloring products come in various forms, such as permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary.

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  • Permanent Hair Color: This type of hair color penetrates the hair shaft and stays until it grows out or is cut off. It can provide long-lasting results but requires regular touch-ups as your hair grows.
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color: This type of hair color coats the hair shaft and typically lasts for a few weeks or washes. It gradually fades away with each wash.
  • Temporary Hair Color: Temporary hair color products, like sprays, gels, or powders, provide temporary color that can be easily washed out. They are great for experimenting with different shades or adding temporary highlights.


Highlights involve adding lighter or darker strands of color to your hair to create dimension and depth. They can be done through various techniques, such as foiling, balayage, or ombre. Highlights can be applied to specific sections of your hair or throughout the entire head.

  • Foil Highlights: This technique involves separating strands of hair and applying color or bleach to them. The colored sections are then wrapped in foil to isolate them and allow for better processing.
  • Balayage: Balayage is a freehand highlighting technique where the color is hand-painted onto the hair. It creates a more natural, sun-kissed effect with softer regrowth lines.
  • Ombre: Ombre involves a gradual transition from darker roots to lighter ends. It can be a subtle or bold look, depending on the contrast between the root color and the lighter shade.

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